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Crane Scales Solutions

Massload Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality strain gauge transducers and products for the crane, construction, lifting and hoisting industry.

All Massload’s crane weighing solutions are valuable safety tools for tension load measurement and for proof loading. They ensure that operators know exactly what loads they are lifting, thereby providing critical safety protection for personnel and equipment. Our Crane Scale Product line includes: Tension link dynamometer load cells, clevis load pins, hanging crane scales, cable tension monitor (floater) scales, deadline sensor scales and s-beam type load cells.

Our in-house engineering team and product specialists are available to custom design weighing solutions to suit your unique requirements. With Massload’s dedicated after-sales customer support and service team, you can be confident that your weighing system will continue to perform year after year.

Tension Link Dynamometer

Our Tension Link dynamometer load cell measures wire rope tension applications in crane, lifting, and winching with easy connection to shackles, wire rope, or other rigging. Built from highest quality materials through our VCAP Quality Management System.

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Custom Tension Link Dynamometer

Our Custom Tension Links are made with the highest quality materials and process and manufactured through our specialized VCAP certified Quality Management System. They are professionally engineered and stamped based on your exact technical requirements.

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Custom Load Pin

Load Pins typically replace the clevis or sheave pin in a lifting or supporting device. They are ideal when head room is limited. As a safe load indicator, our Custom Load pins are professionally engineered and stamped based on your exact specifications.

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Hanging Crane Scale

This digital hanging scale includes a shackle, hook, and mounted LED digital display all in one easy to use unit. This crane scale is ideal for smaller tension loads where the operator will be close to the hanging scale to view tension measurement.

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Floater Crane Scale

This Cable Tension Monitor is ideal for applications using moving wire rope of various diameters and tensions up to 1.5in and 100Klbs. The scale rides on the rope and determines cable tension by measuring the force of small deflections from its rollers.

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Deadline Sensor

The Deadline Sensor clamps onto a fixed wire rope dead end creating a small cable deflection to monitor cable tension which is output via 4-20mA. Typically used as a safe overload indicator for various rope diameters and tensions up to 2in and 100Klbs.

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200 S-Type Load Cell

The S-type load cell is a precision load cell that is useful for very accurate weighing. It is versatile and suited for scale conversions, general tension applications, and compression applications.

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