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Hanging Crane Scale

This hanging scale includes a shackle, hook, and mounted LED display all in one easy to use unit. The crane scale is ideal for smaller tension loads where the operator will be close to the hanging scale to view tension measurement. The crane load cell is a precision S-Type which is an accurate reliable weighing solution for a number of tension applications. A small remote control is included with the scale which allows you to call a number of features from a distance. The digital hanging scale is calibrated with fully traceable certified weights and arrives ready for immediate use.



  • Most competitively priced crane scale

  • Shackles and hooks included

  • Large 1¼" LED display shows tension load

  • Battery powered (rechargeable)

  • Comes with remote operation key fob

  • Scale uses a precision S-Type load cell

  • Calibrated with fully traceable certified weights

  • Used in crane and tension applications

Tension load Capacity A B C D E F
3T (6K lb) 12" 9.5" D2" 22" D3" 9"
5T (10K lb) 12" 11" D2.5" 27" D3" 9"
10T (20K lb) 12" 15" D2.5" 33" D3.5" 9"



Display: bright 1¼" LED lettering with 5 digits
Filtering: Smart digital stabilizing filter
Power: 100 hours of operation from 6VDC 4 amp hr internal battery
Power: Auto sleep when not in use (tension load not present), low battery indication
Power: 110 Volts charger with 9VDC 500 mA power output
Calibrated: digital crane scale calibrated to lbs or kgs (specified on purchase)



Hold / Off: turn the tension meter off or hold the currently displayed weight
Tare / Zero: Clear the current weight
Accumulate: Press to accumulate the displayed weight with the weight in memory
Accumulate Clear: Clear the accumulated weight

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Additional Information

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Capacities 3T (3000 kg), 5T (5,000 kg), 10T (10,000 kg)
Accuracy Tension load accurate to 0.35% full scale (optimal)
Safe Overload 150% full scale safe overload
Operating Temp -10°C to +50°C
Compensated Temp -0°C to +40°C
Sealing Standard IP-51 protected from dust and vertically falling drops of water


The hanging digital scale is calibrated at the factory in either pounds or kilograms. There is no feature that allows the operator to toggle between units so you are asked to specify your preference when placing an order.

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