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Scale Indicators

Massload Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of strain gauge transducers, truck weighing systems, crane scales and industrial weighing solutions.

Massload carries a wide variety of quality indicators, remote displays and assemblies for your weighing applications.

We also manufacture weather proof instrument cases for portable self-powered applications, portable wireless indicators, and PC USB interface devices (LCIB) and software that power your load cells and turn your PC into your weight display, providing excellent graphing and data storage capability.

M1 Load Cell Indicator

The M1 is an entry-level indicator. It is a simple, cost-effective weighing device for standard weighing applications.

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MAX Load Cell Indicator

The MAX indicator combines flexible power options, a weather-proof enclosure, high contrast, back lit LCD display, and runs off AC, DC, and D cell batteries.

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M2000 Digital Readout

The M2000 digital indicator is the most widely sold indicator in Canada. It has a wide range of features that can be enhanced with multiple option cards to expand its capabilities.

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Portable Data Case

The portable data case comes with a 3 channel M2000 digital read out, roll type ticket printer, battery pack, charger, and protective pelican case all in one unit.

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Transcell Load Cell Indicators

Massload no longer offers this line of product. However, support and documentation is still available.

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Remote Score Boards

Remote score boards mirror the weight display of an indicator. Models come in 2, 4.5 and 6.5 inches high lettering. The bright LED letters are visible from varying distances based on the size of the lettering.

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LCIB Load Cell Computer Interface

This device turns your computer into a weight indicator where data can be stored and managed. With the ability to process up to 2000 samples per second, this device works well for both static and dynamic weighing processes.

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Wireless Load Cell Transmitter

The wireless load cell receiver attaches to any digital indicator. If the indicator is made by Massload, the receiver is internally mounted to create a combined system.

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Wireless LCD Readout

The wireless LCD readout is a simple and robust wireless readout, perfect for reading at a distance.

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Wireless Computer Interface

This wireless device gives your computer the features of a digital indicator. Weighing software allows you to save weight data and gives you many features such as data graphing that standard digital indicators cannot provide.

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Slip and roll printers available to capture your weight data for your own records.

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Summation Boxes

Summation boxes and boards allow you to sum the signals from multiple load cells. A single cable connects the sum board to a weight indicator.

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