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LCIB Load Cell Computer Interface

If it's a low cost, high accuracy computer weighing solution that you're after, look no further. Massload's LCIB computer scale interface allows you to use your computer as the weight indicator. The LCIB stores calibration data on the device itself (versus the computer). It can save unlimited calibration points, you can store calibration data for a number of load cells and switch easily between load cells. In addition, you can save calibration sets to improve scale accuracy. Each LCIB comes with printed manual, software disk, and USB cable..


  • Mirrors the weight displayed on the weight indicator
  • Used in conjunction with any weight indicator with RS232, RS422, or 20mA current loop (passive only) communications
  • Does not replace a weight indicator
  • Provide long range visibility
  • Wired or wireless connections to indicator




Massload has developed two weighing software packages (see options) that vary based on the weighing application. Each software package is unique but both have the following common features:

  • Real time weight display
  • Adjustable graduation size
  • Export graph data to MS excel or text file
  • Save and print weight data
  • Easy to use calibration utility and library
  • Scoreboard support via RS-232 port

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Additional Information

  • Documents
Models 1 mV/V, 2mV/V, and 3 mV/V
Connection Type USB
Power Source Draws power from the computer via USB connection
Capacity (power) Power up to twelve (12) loadcells at 300 ohm each
Capacity (software) Connect up to 8 devices to one computer buy an USB hub (monitor 8 scales on a PC, one at the time)
Calibration Stored directly on the LCIB
Calibration Points Store unlimited calibration points
Sample Rate 2000 samples per second max; adjustable to lower rates


0.01% or better when used for static weighing applications
Drivers  Windows 7 (32 bits)


  • Static weighing software
  • Sampling rates of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and Max (2000) samples per second
  • Capture and graph multiple channels simultaneously
  • Set point support via RS-232 port
  • Advanced ticket editor for serial printers
  • User configurable multi-channel screen
  • Parts counting
  • Unlimited graph capture time


  • Dynamic and static weighing processes supported
  • Traffic light support / ground loop support
  • Full sheet report generation with configurable reports
  • Configurable main screen - show only relevant data
  • Post weighing screen allows you to fill in additional information
  • Program security on settings and user logins
  • Automatic vehicle classification with configurable classifications
  • Overweight indication based on vehicle classification
  • Automatic vehicle detection when vehicle weight activates the scale
  • Automatic vehicle detecion available via inductive loops and light curtain technology
  • Sampling rate is fixed at 2000 samples per second
  • Limited remote monitoring

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