Massload Farm ScaleTM

Massload Farm Scale

Why Use the Massload Farm ScaleTM?

The Massload Farm ScaleTM is built with rugged and reliable construction to provide all weather on-farm weighing of large super-B train trucks. Our Farm Scale is designed for easy installation and use directly on farm yard compacted gravel or on concrete pad. You can weigh everything from seeding-to-shipping to provide real-time data management with truck-in / truck out capability using Massload’s Advanced Weigh Scale Software.

During seeding, the scale provides improved accuracy to reduce over application resulting in lower input costs, while also ensuring you do not run out of seed / fertilizer.

As a business owner, transport manager or driver, you need to be aware of the risk of overloading your vehicle, the penalties that you can incur. Avoid vehicle overloading & costly overweight fines, avoid increased running costs/downtime, avoid potential loss of driver’s license, avoid increased likelihood of accidents & even damage to roads , and maximize load efficiency.

We have a solution for every need, ranging from starter systems for infrequent use, to heavy duty continuous-use systems for super Bs with real-time data management software. We also offer in-ground Weigh-in-Motion systems for touch free operation. With an equipment life of 20 years or more, cost per year becomes a small investment with huge value to operations.



  • Rugged 168” axle scale for all weather super-B train weighing
  • 144” and 84” options for tri-axle and tandem
  • Accurate to 1% or better of gross vehicle weight
  • Cost effective non-legal for trade alternative to weighbridge
  • Avoid overload fines while eliminating costly trips to community weighbridge
  • Weigh everything from seeding to shipping
  • Data management via Massload Advanced Weigh Scale software
  • Accurately know your inventory—measure incoming loads & check outgoing loads
  • Accurately control your seed/fertiliser drill rate to reduce input costs
  • Accurately measure harvest and verify accuracy of combine yield monitor
  • Fully Automatic / hands free—doesn’t require an additional operator
  • Fully made in Canada using Canadian/US steel including 26” Super Duty load cells and scale platforms. Quality electronics also made in Canada
  • Responsive service from our local highly trained technical support team


  • Install on compacted gravel with gravel ramps (most common)
  • Install on Compacted Gravel with Gravel on Steel Ramps
  • Install on pavement with Steel ramps
  • Install on concrete pad

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